1. Who am I?
  2. Getting GreatWall
  3. Installing GreatWall
  4. Running GreatWall

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Jason, a typical IT guy who like Linux a lot... I use it at work and at home. Most of my computers at home run Linux, I have tried RedHat, Debian, Slackware, Trustix and Gentoo. I like RedHat (my first distro), because it is easy. I also like Gentoo, it is extremely flexible, but for firewall, my favorite is Trustix. I have setup my firewall at home running on Trustix, with netfilter.

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Getting GreatWall

Download Greatwall from here, save it in /etc. Come back when you have downloaded it.

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Installing GreatWall

Once you have downloaded it, you can start extracting it: tar -xvjpf greatwall-version It will create a directory called greatwall under /etc by default. You should find all the scripts there. Copy the rc.script/rc.greatwall to /etc/init.d and do chkconfig so that GreatWall will be loaded everytime you boot your machine.
Next, you will need to modify the options files to reflect the settings of your machine, such as which interface is trusted, what DNS servers you want to use... etc. Next, you will need to modify the service.allow and service.deny to enable and disable certain services. Refer to the actual files for more details.

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Running GreatWall

Once you have extracted the files, you can now run the script, either manually or automatically. To start the script type ./greatwall you should see messages coming up if it is able to run. If you wish to run it automatically at boot, put the rc.script/rc.greatwall inside the /etc/init.d and then create the necessary symbolic links to the rc.n where n is the run level.
Again, you must read the options file first.

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